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Use an explosion-proof high-pressure cleaning machine to clean oil pipelines. Not only is the cleaning efficiency high (the cleaning time for one oil pipe is only about 2 minutes), but the cleaning effect is also very good.
In general, the high-pressure water jet temperature of explosion-proof high-pressure cleaning machines can reach 150 ℃ and the pressure can reach 200bar. High temperature not only quickly melts grease, wax, and oil, but also quickly washes the melt. This cleaning method not only has low cost, but also is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. This is a good method for cleaning oil pipes.
Explosion-proof plunger pump to maintain high-pressure operation of high-pressure cleaning machine
1. After each use of the high-pressure pump, rinse the residual liquid in the hose and nozzle with clean water, and clean the casing. If any damage or insufficient pressure is found to the power cord, it should be stored in a fixed place and marked as "to be repaired". Before use, maintenance personnel should be notified in a timely manner; The maintenance personnel responsible for the high-pressure pump shall inspect the operation of the high-pressure pump once a day and keep records.
2. If the seal is found to be damaged, aging causes leakage, and the pressure does not rise, it should be replaced in a timely manner;
3. Check the electrical and mechanical performance of the high-pressure pump motor every six months, as well as the switch of the host and main contactor, and add necessary lubricating oil to ensure the normal use and recording of the equipment;
4. Regularly inspect and correctly release the pressure of the safety valve to 1.1 times the rated operating pressure of 1.08;
5. Regularly check the accuracy of the pressure gauge, regularly check the tightness of the belt, replace damaged and vulnerable parts, adjust the gap between parts, and check and tighten screws;
6. High pressure pumps should generally maintain a certain oil level. If insufficient lubricating oil is found, it should be kept at six to one seventh of the oil immersed surface and promptly filled to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;
7. The pump that needs to be shut down for a long time should be cleaned with clean water, the liquid inside the pump body should be discharged, all valves should be removed, anti rust oil should be applied, and the entire pump should have anti-corrosion and maintenance functions.
8. If you want the pump to handle all aspects of pump inspection and maintenance for a long period of time, or if it cannot be started.
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