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There are many kinds of hardware, all kinds of structures. The main cleaning work is to remove wax, dust, rust, oil and debris. Manual cleaning is time-consuming and laborious, and now the cost is high. Therefore, hardware cleaning is increasingly completed by ultrasonic cleaning machine, especially when the number is large and the structure is complex.


The advantage of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is that the hardware is immersed in the liquid in the cleaning tank. The high frequency of ultrasonic is applied to convert the high frequency kinetic energy into high frequency kinetic energy through the transducer, and then act on the liquid medium in the cleaning tank to make the liquid cavitate. From time to time, numerous tiny bubbles are formed and burst rapidly to produce impact force on the surface of the object, So that the appearance of dirt off, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning. In this way, as long as the water can contact the parts can be cleaned, comprehensive and thorough, leaving no dead corner. And at the same time act on all parts of the hardware, unlike a little bit of manual cleaning, therefore, the efficiency is very high.


When using ultrasonic cleaning equipment to remove wax and dust for hardware, it can be cleaned with ordinary water and some washing powder. If it is to remove oil, it is suggested to add some cleaning agent to remove oil. When cleaning in large quantities, it can be customized to add oil filter to the ultrasonic cleaning machine. In this way, the water can be recycled without changing water frequently. And derusting has special derusting agent. About cleaning debris on hardware, if it is a blind hole, the effect may not be very good, because ultrasonic cleaning is mainly to remove the dirt from the surface, but there is no way to clean it. The short through-hole is complete and can remove the debris in the hole.

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